Let’s Catch Up, Shall We?

Hello Travel Blogging Community!

My apologies about being off the grid lately. My body had been overtaken by the monster that disguises itself as maybe a cold or maybe a fever: the infamous sinus infection. 

I suppose I’ll sum up some of the best moments that have happened since we’ve virtually chatted last. 

I climbed my first Greek mountain. I’m not sure what the name of it even was, but I can tell you it was high, it was steep, but it was worth it. Organized by the RAs from DEREE, a number of us international students braced the heights together. After calves ached and sweat dripped, we reached the top which was an overview of Athens. It was something that I felt so proud of because I worked for that view. I decided to do something and I did it. The view was better than any fear of heights or shortness of breath. 

Along with being fit(ish) in Greece, there are a few of us who have decided to run a marathon! Now, I like running, I’m okay at running, I am capable of running…but we’ll see what 26 miles does to my body. My first reaction to someone asking if I wanted to run the Athens Marathon was “YES!” Here’s why: the original marrathon was established in Athens Greece and how amazing would that be?! I would quite literally be prancing through history (more like panting but you know what I mean). So, wish me luck, wish me well, wish me strong lungs.  

Midterms are coming up. In Greek that means “this is one of two tests you have all semester so don’t mess up.” I’m not too worried about them, everything is going smoothly so far and what isn’t will find it’s way. 

Something else I’ve been struggling with: planning travel. When they send you to Europe, they tell you that flights are always cheap and always available. Yeah, not so much. In all honesty, to land a killer flight, you must know you’re going at least three weeks in advance. For all my youngsters traveling: we don’t even know what we’re eating for lunch two hours from now. My advice to you: buy the ticket and make it work when the time comes. If you don’t work it that way, chances are you’ll regret it later. My other piece of advice: you don’t need to pack that. If you’re country hopping and are finding that a backpack just isn’t enough – it is. I am COMPLETELY guilty of overpacking but if you embrace layers and give it a little thought, you can have multiple looks tucked away conveniently in one 40 liter backpack. 

In the past few weeks I’ve also had a birthday, went to Mykonos Island, and explored Crete. I guess you’ll just have to come back and read those blogs too…

Let’s chat soon!



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