Prague, Czech Republic – A Real Life Fairytale Town

Prague was an absolute fairytale. The entire city made me feel as if I had just stepped into Cinderella. The attention to detail in every part of this city was remarkable. I can truly say nothing I’ve seen on my trip looked like or was quite like Prague. 

We arrived in the late afternoon, put our things at our hostile, and set out to explore. We walked toward the main part of the city called “Old Town,” passing churches that had statues of saints atop that you could swear were alive. People gathered just to be in that area, in that atmosphere. We then crossed a bridge to get to the other side of Prague. Along the on this bridge, there seemed to be scenes from the bible carved in stone and metal in lifelike size. 


On the other side of the Bridge we found castle like structures weaved into the twisted, cobblestone streets, making it seem as if we had just stepped back in time to a land far, far away. 

Walking around Prague later that night, we came upon a Jazz Club. Of course, I thought that we should go in and without the twisting of any arms, everyone agreed. The venue was small and intimate. Everyone in the club was of different ages and from different places but watched the musicians all the same. With having a hefty background in music, this is something I very much appreciated about this experience. 

When I first started music school, music was this incredible, unreal art form that brought everyone together. It was fuel, and energy, and everything right with life. After some time in classes, I struggled to find that same light because professors and students started to paint music as a science and something that could be done “wrong”. It has been a personal struggle to remove myself from that place but being in the Reduta Jazz Club in Prague reminded me, once again that music is still all of those things and that it was my personal choice, as a music student, to allow myself to think that again. 

After the Jazz Club, we headed home, knowing that there was a big day ahead of us. We got up early the next morning and set out to explore some more of the city. We headed to the center where the Astronomical Clock Tower is located. I had seen pictures of this tower and being a person who loves clocks, watches, and of course, old stuff, I was eager to see it in real life. 

When we got to the square there was a church that lied in front of me that looked like a real life Princess’ castle. I could imagine the scene of a fairytale book in that very spot. Merchants would be setting up, store owners getting ready to open, a royal carriage trotting around. I couldn’t get enough of looking up. 


We then found the Clock Tower and waited for the show that came with it. Every hour on the hour, a door at the top of the clock opens up and the twelve disciples made of wood circle around as the bell tolls. The twelve disciples are accompanied by Jesus and a skeleton representing the death of Jesus. 


After the show, we decided to go to the top of the tower to see a panoramic view of the entire city. After taking an elevator and walking up plenty of winding steps we got to the top and soaked in what was all around us. Castle tops, colorful building, blue skies, all a vision of perfection. It is absolutely nuts to think about how such a city could’ve been built without modern technology.

We then rebooted with some coffee and made our way to Prague’s Jewish Quarter. There we saw a Synagogue that doubled as a museum and a small street that offered goods from the Jewish community, all home made. I walked up and down and knew I wanted something that represented the space I was in and not simply a t-shirt or mug that said “Prague.” I laid eyes on a woman’s stand that said “hand carved” and came across this figure that looked like a short, stout Ewok. His name was Golem and he was made out of clay. He was built by a Rabbi in the 16th century in order to protect Prague from anti semitism which was legal at the time under the emperor.

With some more walking time passed and it came to the hour that we had to return to Athens. It was nice to be back in my own space, but that weekend only made me more excited to continue to travel and keep on discovering for the rest of my semester abroad.


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