Vienna, Austria – DON’T CALL THEM GERMANS!

Vienna, Austria was something that I looked forward to because it is the birthplace of Mozart and well, if you ever went to music school, or heard of what it’s like in music school- you might know that composers such as Mozart, start to become somewhat of a religious figure. 

We arrived in Austria and immediately got on the Metro, which was clean, color coated, and full of friendly people. I think this i the first time the entire trip that when I looked confused someone stopped to say, “Could I help you with something?” 

When we checked into the where we were staying the hospitality was just the same. It was mid day so we quickly hurried to the metro station to find our way to all the sights. 

The first gem we landed on was the Stephenplatz Church. It was huge and it was beautiful. Because I can’t exactly do it justice with words…here is a picture 


We then hit up the Kris Kringle market where we dipped into our first Austrian dish. A man had a small stand with soup bread bowls. For all of my Panera bread bowl fans out there…this was even better. It was a sourdough bowl warm to the touch, filled with a stew like soup called Goulash. Goulash is a brown thick broth with all kinds of vegetables, potatoes, and beef mixed in. After spilling crumbs allover my shirt..we headed to my specific place of interest..the Vienna State Opera House. 

When we got there, there was a ballet about to be on stage and people were hustling and bustling around the structure to score some tickets. The building itself was wonderful. A square like structure was home to several aged statues standing at the top looking down at the crowds in front. 

After that, my goal was to see the famous Mozart Statue that would hopefully rub some good music luck off on me. When we arrived, the gates to the statue were closed and the lights were off. I swear I felt my face in slow motion drag itself down into a frown. Though I am not an early morning sort of girl, I said to myself that we would be back in the morning to get my Mozart fix.

Upon my disappointment, we came across a small food stand on the corner. It had Austrian sausage and beer which made my mood perk up just a little. The way that they make the sausage in this part of Europe is AMAZING, and that’s saying something because I myself, don’t particularly indulge in such a food group. They took a baguette, punched a hole in it, and served it up. Another good food stop.

After eating, we ran into a Holocaust memorial. The main part of the monument was a stone man being weighed down by barbed wire symbolizing how fascism overtook that particular area. It is when you come across things like this that you realize just how lucky you are to be observing it from the future and not partaking in it from the past. 


Next, we went to another Kris Kringle market which this time was bigger and better. Everyone was walking around with spiced wine in a mug and we decided that it was only appropriate to do so ourselves. After about an hour and a half of walking around and buying more food, we decided to head back to our Air Bnb. 

The next morning, we hopped back on the metro and took it to the Opera House stop. When we hopped off we got to see the House in the light without the clumps of people. 

I quickly made my way to the Mozart Monument and soaked it in. The Statue was beautiful with instruments carved at Mozart’s feet, and in front, carved in the grass, was a huge treble clef that in the summer was made of roses.


After several pictures, multiple takes of selfies, and the reminder of the fact that I have to go back to piano lessons upon my return, we headed to our next bus.

I had not a clue what Prague held for me 



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