London, England – Long Live The Queen

Harry Potter, the Royal Family, and Hugh Grant – England’s greatest accomplishments…kidding. 

England was a trip that deserved way more time than it got. We left all too early in the morning and following a long nap, we landed and bussed our way to London. After meeting some friends who were already there and eating some breakfast, we set out to explore. 

A native student who had studied abroad at North Central was our tour guide for the day. Thanks to her we learned how to take the Underground without that high of a learning curve. When we got off the Tube, we all couldn’t help but look up at what was around us: a bigger, busier (believe it or not), more vintage, version of New York City. 

After realizing that the pace in London was much quicker (literally and metaphorically) than Greece, we, with what felt like a sprint, made our way to the center of that area. There was a monument complete with giant lions atop already elevated levels of marble. We managed to get a few photos on top of the lions before the police started making clear that nobody was allowed to climb on any of the stone animals. 

We made our way down to Buckingham Palace and gawked at all the elegance and the gold. One topic that seems to always circulate our media pages is the royal family. It was so funny to think that right behind the palace gates, was the source of all it all.

We then wondered around and saw all the tourist sites, like Big Ben, Winchester Abby and the London Eye. The sun was just coming down and the opportunity to see the cityscape in that light was better than any picture you could ever find on any website. 


We ducked into a tavern to have some dinner and after just finally warming up, it was time to once again embrace the London air. We walked through the city center and wound up at a Christmas market that warmed me up with an incredible hot chocolate and a strawberry beer.

We got back on the Tube and rode our way to some more historic sites. We walked off the platform to find the London Bridge and The Tower of London. The fact that we saw these sights at night made it satisfyingly haunting. Looking just next to us, we saw the place that shaped England’s monarchy. Beheadings, prisoners, and lavish royalty all once happened there. 

The Next Morning…

There was just one last thing on my list that the drama kid inside me was dying to see…The Globe Theatre.

On our way there we stopped at yet another Christmas market where we indulged in fish and chips because…well…why not? 

We entered the Globe Theatre and it was nothing short of wonderful. I felt all the Shakespeare plays I’ve ever read come alive. Even though The Globe Theatre is a remake of the original, it still had a sense of the past.

The theatre was made to it’s period with an open ceiling and wooden bench seats. It had standing room in front of the stage just as it would have had for the “peasants” of the era as well as all the lighting being from candles and natural sky light. 

After a zillion too many photos, it was time to get back to the airport and return home… I mean, Athens. 



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